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The Nerd Store is Colorado's premiere comic and game store.  Boasting the largest gaming space in the state, the largest selection of dice in Colorado, and a massive collection of board games, card games, comics and graphic novels.


The Nerd Store is located at 807 8th Street in the heart of downtown Greeley.

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Batman Flash crossover

Batman Flash crossover "The Button"

thenerdstore 03/21/2017 0
It's the event you have been waiting for!  The Flash and Batman team up to explore the mystery of th...
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Back Rising Sun with The Nerd Store

Back Rising Sun with The Nerd Store

thenerdstore 03/21/2017 0
We are excited to offer Rising Sun to all of our customers at The Nerd Store at the same time as the...
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Dark Souls Board Game

Dark Souls Board Game

thenerdstore 03/21/2017 0
Coming soon to The Nerd Store!  The Dark Souls Board Game is a strategically challenging, deeply imm...
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The X-Men return this April!

The X-Men return this April!

thenerdstore 03/21/2017 0
It has been a while, but Marvel Girl, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Angel return as they reclaim the ti...
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I totally didn't make up quotes from my employees to use on the website.
- Travis
Travis is my best friend, I love having him around!
- Mikey
Travis is pretty much my bestest friend in the whole wide world.
- Drew
Travis is the best boss in the whole world, I am never frustrated by him.
- Tim
My only regrets with Travis is that I didn't know him sooner, and that I don't get to spend more time with him.
- AJ