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Abbot of Keral Keep 1Card Type: Creature — Human MonkAbility Text:Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncr..
Availability: 6
Acolyte of the Inferno 2Card Type: Creature — Human MonkAbility Text:Renown 1 (When this creature de..
Availability: 16
Act of Treason 2Card Type: SorceryAbility Text:Gain control of target creature until end of turn. Un..
Availability: 20
Aegis Angel 4Card Type: Creature — AngelAbility Text:Flying (This creature can't be blocked except b..
Availability: 12
Aerial VolleyCard Type: InstantAbility Text:Aerial Volley deals 3 damage divided as you cho..
Availability: 20
Alchemist's Vial 2Card Type: ArtifactAbility Text:When Alchemist's Vial enters the battlefie..
Availability: 20
Alhammarret's Archive 5Card Type: Legendary ArtifactAbility Text:If you would gain life, you gain tw..
Availability: 2
Artificer's Epiphany 2Card Type: InstantAbility Text:Draw two cards. If you control no artif..
Availability: 20